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High quality toilet rentals for events of all sizes


Clean and well-functioning lavatories leave a positive mark

Well-functioning and clean toilet should be invested anytime. When the lavatories are nice and clean, the overall atmosphere for example of the event remains positive for both the event organizer as well as the guest. PasiKuikka is always reasonable priced, high-quality partner for any kind of event.

Contact us now to share your needs, and we will find a solution tailored just for you!


We deliver extensively to the entire Uusimaa region!

We deliver extensively to the entire Uusimaa region!

Whether you’re organizing a small event, or a pipe broke down in your home, there is a need for appropriate lavatory. We offer low-priced toilet solutions always tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Our toilets are always delivered timely and ready for use. Our prices include delivery to-and-from the spot as well as needed chemicals, toilet rolls, hand sanitizers and waste treatment.

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