Construction sites

Organize your construction site in a pleasant and hygienic way. Toilets are equipped with toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and required chemicals. With our maintenance service you can enjoy a clean portable toilet throughout the rental period.

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Festivals and events

Assuring well-functioning lavatories for your guests is an essential part of event organizing. 
We provide high-quality service, and take care of all of your needs from the beginning to the very end of your event. 

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For private individuals

Are you having a renovation or throwing a summer party? Look no further for your portable loo. We will deliver your toilet fully equipped to the spot, and take it our when you no longer need it.

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Diverse selection

Our selection includes perfect models for every situation. We can take care of accessibility issues and difficult weather conditions every season of the year. 

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Maintenance services

We recommend maintenance services for long-term rentals. When you rent a portable toilet with maintenance services added, we will take care of the emptying and maintenance of the toilet during use. Adding a maintenance contract for your rental toilets keeps them clean and pleasant throughout the use.


Vast service range 

We are focusing on providing services in Uusimaa area +100 km. We also provide services for bigger events in other locales.

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