Sustainability in our operations

Environmentally friendly toilets for all events.

PasiKuikka is a responsible company, that fully meets the set legislative requirements for toilet rentals. We belong to the Finnish waste treatment register, and we keep the necessary permits up to date at all times. We are conscious of all the environmental impacts that our services may have from logistics to the final cleanup.

We aim to be the sustainable pioneer in the market. The environment remains as a priority in all of our operations, from manufacturing high-quality rental toilets to the final cleanup on site after events. We employ the best equipment available on the market, which we further customize in order to prolong the toilet’s lifecycle. The mileage of our toilets extends up to 30 years, depending on the model.

We deliver, maintain, and empty the toilets with one new, low-emission car. With carefully optimized operations and cars, we are able to carry out transportations in a more sustainable and reliable manner.

Our transportation vehicles are built with integrated emptying equipment, so that both toilet cleanings and transportation can be carried out at one go.

All the chemicals used in the toilet cleanings are developed and tested for this specific purpose. They strictly fill all the waste management regulations set by the European Union, and they are suitable for further processing of the waste. We only use some tens of liters of clean water in the cleaning process. The waste from our rental toilets is transported to Helsinki wastewater treatment plant, in which it will be decomposed for biogas production.

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